- Authentic Moon Magic Ruby & Garnet
- White Zircon Embellishments
- Stone Size: 1.2mm up to 4mm
- Stone Shape: Marquise, pear, and round shape brilliant cut
- Stone Weight: 1.21g
- Metal Weight: 0.80g
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA

Properties of Ruby

Real Moon Magic Ruby

Stone of Affection

What are Ruby’s properties?

Ever felt like you needed a boost of courage and love? Meet Moon Magic Ruby, with its deep, luxurious red hue. This romantic gemstone doesn’t just catch your eye - it inspires vitality, courage, and love. By opening the heart to the full spectrum of love, you will attract and inspire all things heartfelt, meaningful and meant for you.

When should I wear Ruby gemstones?

Wear Ruby if you are going on a special date, when you feel like you need some extra tender love and care, or if you need a little boost of courageous energy to go after what your heart really wants.

What are the benefits of Ruby?

Affection: Helps you nurture and deepen your relationships with those you care about.
Love: Helps you open your heart to give and receive love freely.
Vitality: Inspires you to embrace life with zest and excitement.
Courage: Acts like a fearless warrior, encouraging you to face challenges and new experiences head-on.

Properties of Garnet

Real Moon Magic Garnet

Stone of Passion

What are Garnet’s properties? 

Imagine the deep, fiery red of a sunset - bold, vibrant, and full of life. That’s the energy Moon Magic Garnet brings into your world. This gem ignites your inner fire, fueling your passion and creativity in everything you do.

When should I wear Garnet Gemstones?

Wear Garnet when you want to add more intensity to your relationships, awaken your drive in your career, or just simply need a little boost for your energy levels.

What are the benefits of Garnet?

  • Passion: Feels like a fiery burst of enthusiasm, fueling your love for life and everything you do.
  • Energy: Acts like a personal energizer, making you feel more alive and engaged.
  • Creativity: Encourages you to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.
  • Connection: Acts like a magnet, attracting meaningful relationships and deepening existing ones.
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