Each item sold plants 1 tree.

For a direct impact on the Earth and lives of the people who need it most.

Thanks to your help we've already planted



Trees for the Future

We believe anyone privileged enough to afford jewelry has a responsibility to give back. And that’s exactly what we’re doing - giving back to Mother Nature: For every single piece ordered we make sure 1 tree is planted by donating to the charity “Trees for the future” (TREES) That’s our small but sincere contribution to this magical place we all live on and call home. Earth. But by planting trees you do not only affect our Mother Nature…

  • farmer

    You permanently increase the income of poor farmers and provide permanent and seasonal employment

  • family

    You create fodder to feed livestock and help families to feed themselves

  • women

    You empower women and build strong communities

Our Impact Partner

TREES was founded in 1989 to combat hunger and end poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Since that time, TREES has assisted thousands of communities in planting over 140 million trees. Their goal is to provide farmers with the opportunity for prosperous and resilient livelihoods, food security and restored ecosystem services.

How it works

Initially, TREES mobilizes staff and meets with community leaders to obtain their support and formalize the project. In the second phase, TREES provides farmers with the skills and resources needed to protect their forest garden sites. Farmers achieve this by planting green walls or living fences to stabilize their soils and enhance fertility. As the green walls grow and soils become increasingly fertile, farmers begin to diversify the crops and trees and learn advanced skills and techniques that will help them manage their Forest Gardens more effectively and sustainably.The final phase consists of transitioning ownership of the project to the farmer groups to continue supporting each other as a team in the on-going development and management of their Forest Gardens.





forest garden

TREES supports the Forest Garden approach.This is a four-year project of planting diverse crops and trees. TREES staff provide seed, equipment, and training to farmers. It is our goal at the end of the project that each farmer has established a Forest Garden that provides consistent cash income, food security, and enhanced natural resources by restoring degraded lands.

Thanks to our Moon Children and our impact partner Trees for the future, we have already been able to plant