Moonstone Birthstone


The Mystical Moonstone as a June Birthstone

June is the playground of the twofold Gemini. With the help of the Moonstone birthstone, the intellectual eccentric shines brighter. Gemini is brought in his/her element. And for those who were born outside of June, you are not forgotten. Moonstone protects, heals, and empowers anyone who holds it. As a reflection of the moon itself, it will awaken your feminine energies and guide you all throughout your inner journey.

It’s a birthstone, a talisman, a healing gem, and a ravishing jewelry that has captivated the world with its playful lighting. Let’s take a look at June’s mystical gem – Moonstone.

Where did it come from?

A Roman natural historian named Pliny wrote about Moonstone's changing looks and connected it to the waning and waxing of the moon. Thus, the gem earned its name “Moon Stone”. Ancient Romans also believed that the stone depicted the image of the Moon Goddess Diana, so they used it in their jewelries and became more and more valued up to Europe’s medieval period.

In India, the stone is said to possess a spirit within that brings good fortune that it became one of the most sacred stones. It is only displayed when put on a yellow cloth, as yellow is also a sacred color. Moonstone encourages concentration during meditation and is not allowed to be brought outside unless it is carried by a holy man.


Moonstone Makeup

Moonstone is prized around the globe because it exhibits an entrancing phenomenon called adularescence or a floating dance of light. It sometimes show a cat’s eye or a stirring asterisk. The gem has bluish white streaks, but when held up to the light exhibits a pearly glow. And when Moonstone is moved, the beautiful iridescence plays like the moonlight beneath a thin veil of clouds.

Almost half of the Earth’s crust is made up of Feldspar and Moonstone is part of that family. It arises from igneous and metamorphic rocks and comes in different colors like blue, peach, champagne, and green. The most valued moonstones can be found in India, Sri Lanka, USA, Australia, Madagascar, and Myanmar.

June Birthstone

Together with Pearl and Alexandrite, Moonstone is crowned as the June birthstone and designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini. It’s a modern June stone that is gifted to the 13th year of marriage and every succeeding 13 years after that.

Moonstone brings prosperity, amplifies passion, and balances the negative and positive sides of the mind. It’s also been dubbed as a traveler’s stone and a gem that can help predict the future if it is put in the mouth on a full moon. The Moonstone birthstone heals by cleansing the digestive system, renewing blood cells, calming emotions, and opening the heart to new horizons.


Moonstone Jewelry

The spellbinding gem is revived since the New Age Movement. What better way to carry a healing gem that can aid your spiritual path than by simply wearing it. Artisans from different parts of the globe know what’s beyond the playful façade of Moonstone that they’ve handcrafted creative designs to suit everyone’s liking. Moonstone is an enigmatic June birthstone and a worldwide phenomenon.




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