Basically, we’re just a couple of friends with a passion for jewelry. One day we were simply fed up with the fact that all the jewelry we happened to like and want also happened to be the most expensive.

Why was this always the case? Does it always have to be that way? We dove into the mystery; and the more we unravelled it, the more we realized how outdated the jewelry industry had become. And that’s when we decided to start our own jewelry brand that offers amazing jewelry at affordable prices. And just like that,

Moon Magic was born.

Our Secret

We use a 100% online-based model that allows us to avoid expensive storefronts and middlemen. We even manufacture our jewelry in the same factories as luxury brands but sell it at a fraction of the price.

We purchase right from the source, and then sell directly to you, end of story!

Our Message

For us, living a conscious life was and always will be a big deal. The little things count, and they often turn out to be the big things. That’s why it was important for us that our jewelry inspired people to live in the present and notice and cherish the little wonders of every day life. That turned into our inspiration for our jewelry - fine jewelry that inspires you to slow down and see the magic encompassing everyday life.

Giving Back

We continue to find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. This is why we think that anyone that has the luxury of being able to purchase beautiful jewelry also has the responsibility to give a little back. For every piece of Moon Magic Jewelry you purchase, one tree is planted, which has been made possible with your contribution and our partnership with Trees for the Future. To date, we have collectively been able to plant more than 150,000 trees.

Our Vision

To make fine jewelry that inspires people to slow down and see the magic encompassing them, which is also accessible to everyone through radically affordable prices.

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