Our Story

Moon Magic was born from a desire for affordable, spiritually-lifting jewelry. When we couldn’t find what we needed anywhere, we did what all Moon Children do: we created our own magic. Since its beginnings, Moon Magic has transformed into a young, bohemian lifestyle brand dedicated to the world’s wild hearted Moon Children. We work with a team of talented craftsmen who handpick the earth’s finest gems and transform them into gorgeous jewelry. As we continue to grow through word of mouth and social media, we’re also passionate about giving back to people and places in need.

Our Vision

As a brand that’s sustained by inner goodness and unconditional love, we believe that it’s our responsibility to give back. To us, fashion and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, we’re on a mission to create affordable, stylish jewelry and help people in need across the globe. With your help, we can make a difference – one piece of jewelry at a time.

Our Mission

Mother nature is our ultimate truth and savior, and her degradation affects us all. This leaves many of us thinking: what can we do to help? Since our company is 100% online based, we have the strength and support of a global community to answer this question. Our digital business model graces us with reduced operational costs, meaning we have more resources to give back to those who need it most. Today, we donate a solid portion of our profits to Trees for the Future. This charity plants trees to provide at-risk regions with the educational and environmental resources they need to create a better life.

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