From recycled metals to remote working, learn more about our initiatives for the planet.

Recycled Metals


Our mission is to reutilize our planet’s resources as much as we can. So be it Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, or Solid Gold, we are working on maximizing the use of recycled metals for our jewelry.

Responsible Jewelry Council

3/4 of our suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, and we’re helping our 4th supplier achieve membership.

This Council is the world’s leading standard setting organization for the jewelry and watch industry. They promote fair and controllable standards that underpin people’s trust in a sustainable supply chain for the jewelry industry.

Responsible Jewelry Council

There Is No Planet B.

“Being a sustainable company is a process of continuous improvement and we have set ourselves ambitious goals to become the sustainable jewelry brand that we strive to be.“

Compostable Packaging


While we always consciously pick environmentally friendly material for our packaging we are not yet where we want to be.

Our big goal is to use 100% compostable cardboard so that our shipping boxes will be 100% recyclable by the end of 2022.

Working Model

From Amsterdam to South Africa, from the US to Bali the whole team at Moon Magic runs fully remotely.

No stores and no commuting means a lower footprint on the planet.

Remote Working Model