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  • Moonstone Ring - Harlow
    Moonstone Ring - Harlow
    1 637 800 som UZS Regular price
  • Moonstone Ring - Queen Lana
    Moonstone Ring - Queen Lana
    2 292 900 som UZS Regular price
  • Rose Quartz Ring - Glamorous
    Rose Quartz Ring - Glamorous
    2 030 900 som UZS Regular price
  • Moonstone Ring Band - Serenity
    Moonstone Ring Band - Serenity
    1 244 800 som UZS Regular price

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The Moon Magic Warranty

Laura - Moon Magic co-founder

The Moon Magic Warranty

Hey there! I'm Laura, the co-founder and the heart and hands behind Moon Magic. As a jewelry lover, I understand the struggle to find jewelry that's both quality and affordable.

That's the inspiration behind Moon Magic: To provide you with beautifully meaningful, high-quality jewelry minus the luxury markup. And we're 100% committed to quality - which is why we provide a 2-year warranty for our collection and even a lifetime guarantee on diamonds.

Everyone deserves a piece of magic in their life. Excited for you to find yours.

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