Which Moonstone cut suits your style?

Which Moonstone cut suits your style?

You’ve found the gem that speaks to your feels. As a moon child, no other gem comes close to your bond with Moonstone. It depicts your intimate nature and yearning for illumination. Now, how do you wanna wear it? As you know, shapes also play a part in the brew of energies in your Moonstone piece. Gem cuts allow the natural color and incandescence of the stone to transpire. And each shape signifies a whole new overtone about your personality.

Take a look at these Moonstone jewelry cuts for different styles:


Round moonstones reflect the main phase of the moon. This cut is all about the simple yet powerful drawing energy. The classic shape signifies eternity like how a wedding band is seen. Those who are drawn to the round cut Moonstone is traditional, honest, and faithful. If you choose this shape, you’ll be representing magnetism and its field effect.


The oval cut doesn’t stray away from the conventional round, but displays a hint of creativity. Likened to an egg shape, oval denotes fertility. The elongated shape can also be viewed as a fusion of the round and marquise cuts. Since oval evokes individuality, it can help you go beyond your comfort. Those who prefer this cut are also traditional, but knows how to let loose from time to time.


This shape is the second most popular cut, next to round. Square underlines the duality in the things around us and suggests balance. It gives of a feeling of stability and structure experienced in foundations like homes and the natural order of the universe. A square cut Moonstone will encourage you to plan and manifest that concept into reality. If you’re into stasis and balance, this shape will bring your ideas into full motion.


Like the square shape, a rectangular cut Moonstone suggests order, security, mathematics, and rationality. Also known as baguette cut, it’s a popular shape for accent stones in jewelry. Since it hosts sleek and modern lines evoking the geometrical flair, far from the usual round, it has become a favorite right after its creation in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau era in the 1920’s.

Pear or Teardrop

When round and marquise are merged, you get the pear or teardrop cut. The elliptical shape gives the illusion of a slimmer finger when worn. Those who choose this Moonstone cut is more of an edgy woman, but still has a soft side. Although the shape points at the connotation of tears of sorrow or joy, the wearer is more evidently seen as a trendsetter.


Marquise is inspired by the striking smile of Jeanne Antoinette Poisson also known as Marquise de Pompadour, the official chief mistress of France’s Louis XV. The former king had it custom built to mimic her grin. The marquise Moonstone cut makes the gem look bigger through optical illusion. Choosing this cut winks at your zest, passion, and adventurous ways.

Which Moonstone cut defines who you are? Let us know in the comments section below or head straight to our beautiful Moonstone ring collection.