How to layer necklaces

How to layer necklaces

An insider’s guide to wearing multiple necklaces

A question we get asked all the time is how to layer necklaces, so we’re here to reveal the tricks of the trade. Wardrobe stylists and jewelry industry insiders know that the art of dressing beautifully is all about playing up your strengths and learning a few simple rules. From there, you’re free to mix it up and build out a collection of layering necklaces that feels personalized and well-loved.

Complement Your Wardrobe & Start with a Plan

Any layering necklace ensemble needs to start with a plan. In this case, you’ll want to decide whether to accessorize for your outfit, or to create your look around a jewelry statement. If you’re dying to wear that antique squash blossom, an iridescent moonstone necklace, or a funky string of oversize beads you bought on vacation, set it aside and select clothing that lets your statement pieces shine. When a specific top or dress is going to be your starting point, then you’ll want to build your look around the available real estate. Keep things simple with a busy ruffled blouse, or go big with multiple layering necklaces with a solid color top or deep V neckline.

Highlight Your Assets by Drawing the Eye 

You’ve made it this far in life, so you’ve probably learned a few tricks for dressing right for your body type. Highlight your strengths, but don’t be hemmed in by preconceived notions. Play around with different necklines and jewelry pairings, and you might find a combination of necklaces that surprises you. Of course, don’t be afraid to tap into your old standbys either. Add a fine gold drop chain to a deep V neck and emphasise your cleavage, or focus the eyes on your neck and collarbone with a couple of short chains, and an off the shoulder blouse.

Consider Your Activity & How the Jewelry Moves

Like any wardrobe decision, you’ll want to consider the occasion when deciding how to layer necklaces. Hitting a show or going out dancing? Opt for pieces that move with the music and catch the light. A large gemstone pendant paired with a shimmering disk necklace can be a show stopper in low light. For office wear or a top that needs less adornment, we love a series of superfine graduated chains.  

Pick Varying Layering Necklace Lengths & Styles

Learning how to layer necklaces is all about spacing. Make a foundation with your go-to piece and vary the lengths and textures from there. Experiment with different chain weights, colors, or styles, and give each one enough room to be appreciated on it own. For a dose of 90s throwback style, add a choker or faux tattoo necklace to the mix.

Mix & Match Materials for a Boho Touch 

Of course, we’re all about beautiful moonstone jewelry and high-quality minimalist pieces, but we also love to mix it up. I mean, how could you not sport that super sweet necklace your niece made for your bday or that piece of velvet ribbon from the sewing box? Found objects and handmade pieces are the stuff that layering necklace dreams are made of. For the ultimate boho layering look, try mixing metals with fabric, yarn, beads, leather, or shells (VSCO girls anyone?).