Wedding Jewelry Sets: The Must-Have Mix & Match Pairs For The Big Day

Wedding Jewelry Sets: The Must-Have Mix & Match Pairs For The Big Day

Let’s be real—we all love love. We’ve put together the ultimate wedding jewelry guide with the must-have, swoon-worthy sets for the big day.

Everything You Need To Say ‘I Do’

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life… love gives us a fairytale.”

Since we were young, most of us have dreamt about our wedding day. As we grow older, that vision starts to become more and more clear. Our shift focuses from the venue to the flowers to the dress—and of course, the jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for the big day, dreaming about it, or simply craving some inspo, we’ve put together some irresistibly swoon-worthy mix-and-match wedding jewelry set combinations. It’s time to read and fall in love.

Why Gemstone Jewelry?

Gemstone wedding jewelry simply adds that extra personal touch. With an over-saturated diamond market, gemstones have that one-of-a-kind, striking appearance that’s as authentic as you.

Here’s the meaning behind several of the gemstones that are main features in our engagement jewelry sets.

“Gemstones have a one-of-a-kind beauty due to their refraction of light.”

The Moonstone: Mysticism, Travel, & Love

The opalescent Moonstone has three meaningsas the mystic stone, traveler’s stone, and love stone.

In some cultures, the moonstone is used for the thirteenth wedding anniversary since they believe it’ll diminish the unlucky number’s connotation. Additionally, those who travel by night or above water are protected when the moon is shining. For those who are constantly on-the-go, place it in the glove compartment to prevent road rage.

Not only is this gem the symbol of love, it has a healing and all-encompassing love effect. It’s believed that the moonstone lets the heart see and feel deeply—allowing you to fully accept unconditional love.

The Opal: Positivity, Loyalty, & Optimism

Birthstone Month: October

Often associated with good vibes, it’s no surprise that this dazzling gemstone is desired as part of a wedding jewelry set. Additionally, the Opal activates positive thinking and encourages feelings of loyalty and faith.

The Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love

Birthstone Month: January

If you want gemstone jewelry that’s emblematic of your unrelenting love, the Rose Quartz is the perfect fit. The Roman myth depicts Cupid gifting this enigmatic beauty to humans as a token of passion, happiness, and love.

The Diamond: Purity, Strength, & Devotion

Birthstone Month: April

The word Diamond traces its roots back to Ancient Greece and means unbreakable or invincible. Reigning as the most common type of engagement ring stone, the Diamond represents purity, strength, and devotion.

Dreamy Wedding Jewelry Sets

Now that you’re up-to-speed on each gemstone’s significance, it’s time to check out these beautiful combinations of earrings, necklaces, and engagement rings.

Engagement Rings That Up The Ante

If you’re looking for a stunner and have a flexible budget, check out these gorgeous Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Ring combinations.


For a little more oomph, here’s some Moonstone halo combinations that are to die for. Our Soulmate Moonstone Diamond Ring combined with the Venus Stud Earrings is sure to guarantee that sparkle you’ve been craving. If you’d like to take a more muted approach, try this ring combination with the Moonstone Bright Drop Stud Earrings.

Enigmatic Halo Moonstone Engagement Ring & Earring Alternatives

Of course, the combinations above aren’t the only ones. You can switch out any of these combinations for the Mirth Moonstone Ring with Diamonds. Other flattering earrings to go with these winning pairs include Orbital Moonstone Raw Crystal Earrings.


The Opal and Diamond Tear of Joy engagement ring is a regal staple for any finger. If you’re looking for that extra flair, the Opal and Diamond Pinch Me Ring is a great option.

Enigmatic Halo Opal Engagement Ring Alternatives

If you are feeling adventurous, why not mix and match our jewelry to create your own dream look. Simply swap any of the above for the Opal and Diamond Soulmate Ring in combination with the Moonstone Venus Rose Gold Studs.

The Cherry On Top

The coveted Diamond is the quintessential “cherry on top” when it comes to engagement rings. To top your gorgeous gemstone, view our Diamond Bonding Arc and Diamond Vow pieces.

Engagement isn’t about the ring—it’s about the lifetime commitment.

Moonstone Diamond Ring - Soulmate made from 14kt Solid Rose Gold

Your jewelry tells your authentic, perfectly imperfect story.

A woman is wearing Opal Diamond Ring - Soulmate paired with Diamond Ring - Bonding Arc and Moonstone Ring with Diamonds - Mirth paired with Diamond Ring - Vow.

Jewelry has the power to raise your spirits and give you that unique quality.

Two Opal Diamond Rings - Soulmate and one Moonstone Diamond Ring - Soulmate are presented next to a raw crystal.

The Must-Have Budget-Friendly Combinations

Whether you’re a Moonstone, Opal or Rose Quartz gal, you’ll be sure to find your match with these affordable wedding jewelry combinations.


For those who crave timeless statement pieces, our Félice Engagement Ring paired with our Moonlighters Earrings is sure to fit what you’re looking for.

Here’s some alternative budget-friendly Moonstone engagement rings that are sure to pair well with the combination above: Feline, Manon, Lola, Queenly, and the Naia.


When it comes to Opal Engagement Ring Sets, our Manon Engagement Ring combined with our Blessed Necklace is a dynamic duo.

Standalone Solitaires

If you’re a one-stone gal, these rings are perfect for you. For pops of pink, the Rose Quartz Harlow and Serenity Earrings are a great combination. Rugged simplicity calls for Moonstone and Moonstone Earrings. If you’re craving something more angular, the Aimée and Dewdrop Studs are your answer.

Interchangeable options include the Nymph, Yonder Glow or Poise Moonstone Rings.

Better Together Bundles

The ultimate wedding jewelry sets are done best when they’re in pairs. Check out these irresistible duos:

Gemstone wedding jewelry and engagement rings are a more personal statement of your love. Whether you’re all about the bling or simplicity is your cup of tea, we have a variety of gemstone ring options for you! Take a look.