- Authentic Moon Magic Blue Topaz
- White Topaz Embellishments
- Stone Size:  0.31" x 0.39" (8mm x 10mm)
- Cut: Oval-shaped brilliant cut
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA

Benefits of Blue Topaz
  • Helps you navigate the complexities of the soul with clarity and grace
  • Awakens your inner wisdom, guiding you towards profound self-discovery
  • Promotes emotional harmony, so you will be at peace with who you are and all you have to offer
Properties of Blue Topaz

Real Moon Magic Blue Topaz

Stone of Clarity

What are Blue Topaz’s properties?
Its vibrant blue hues are said to promote clear thinking, aid in decision-making, and help soothe anxieties and calm the mind while igniting the flames of creativity.

When should I wear Blue Topaz?
Wear it during periods of stress or uncertainty to promote calmness and focus. It can also be worn during meditation or spiritual practices to deepen the connection with your inner wisdom.

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