5 Signs Moonstone is your boho gemstone

5 SignsMoonstone is your boho gemstone

Any boho woman can be captivated by Moonstone. With its spellbinding dance of light, a first-time viewer will instantly fall in love. But we’re talking about a deeper attraction. This is not infatuation or fascination for a trend that would die out soon. If your allure towards Moonstone is unexplainable, you’ve come to the right place. Like zodiacs and animal spirits, we all have specific gemstones that spell who we are. If the following signs make your heartbeat twice as fast, then Moonstone is definitely your boho gem.

You Love to Travel

Moonstone was once called the “Traveler’s Stone” as it was said to protect those who travel by night or above water especially when the moon is at its highest. It was used as illumination in ancient times when electricity hasn’t been invented yet. Today, it is used as light for the dark times of life. Moonstone’s energy of hope has long been worn as an amulet to protect the explorer and uplift spirits.

You’re a Hopeless Romantic

The gem is a symbol of love not just because of its divine makeup, but also for its healing powers that can make the wearer experience an all-encompassing kind of love. It is a crystal for unrequited love used to reunite lovers who had parted with anger. Moonstone is also the gem for passion and sexuality as it can awaken the couple’s kundalini energy and eroticism. When it is worn on a full moon while making love, the two bodies will be in synced with the lunar cycle.

You Meditate

Moonstone is a sacred stone in India used by monks, shamans, and other mystics around the world. They meditate with the gem to help them totally renounce materialism and continue their inner journey. As the stone of gods and goddesses, it helps in killing the ego to achieve spiritual clarity. It was also believed to be set on the forehead of Ganesh, the god of moon, since the beginning of time. Moonstone is deemed as the best gem for meditation and nurturing psychic abilities.

You’re an Empath

As the greatest psychic gem, Moonstone synchronizes all the energies in our biological and spiritual makeup. It calms and soothes the heart that’s always worn out by an empath. When you wear Moonstone jewelry, you will not blast or repress your emotions, but simply trust the Higher Will. With the feminine energies of Moonstone rooting from the moon, your intuitions will be amplified, but at the same time protected by a cleansing barrier to drown out negative energies.

You’re in Love with the Moon

Last but not least, you are a Moon Child. You have always been mesmerized by the moon. Mankind has seen the waxing and waning of the moon for eons and we never grow tired of looking at it. You, on the other hand, feel something deeper towards the moon. You receive the energy it possesses and takes it to heart. With Moonstone by your side, your connections with the moon will grow stronger than ever.

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