- Authentic Moon Magic Blue Sapphire
- Stone Size: 0.24" x 0.31" (6mm x 8mm)
- Cut: Oval-shaped brilliant-cut Blue Sapphire & marquise + round-shaped brilliant-cut White Zircon
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA

Benefits of Blue Sapphire
  • Encourages love and devotion from the heart, fostering deep and meaningful connections with those around you
  • Empowers you to stay true to your path with determination and commitment
  • Strengthens loyalty within friendships, love and partnerships
  • Attracts empathy and understanding, allowing your relationships to flourish
Properties of Blue Sapphire

Real Moon Magic Blue Sapphire

Stone of Devotion

What are Blue Sapphire’s properties?

As a symbol of the heavens, Blue Sapphire gems hold strong spiritual connections. Opening up the third eye and throat chakra, they invite enhanced empathy and understanding, encouraging the wearer to connect with others on a deeper level. When should I wear Blue Sapphire gemstones?

Do you want to become the go-to friend for advice and empathy?

Blue Sapphires will bring you a whole new perspective. Encourage lasting relationships, this is not just a gem; it’s a symbol of enduring love and compassionate companionship. 

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