Beautiful Winter Hues: Blue Topaz and Turquoise as
December Birthstones

Beautiful Winter Hues: Blue Topaz and Turquoise as December Birthstones

From icy blue topaz to rustic turquoise, December babies are all about those blues. The modern birthstone for December, blue topaz promotes crystal clear communication and makes way for manifesting one’s dreams. Turquoise, a staple in Persian and Native American cultures, represents the energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Opal is one of two stones celebrated as the October birthstone, the other being tourmaline. Supposed to bring confidence and hope to the wearer, if you know someone born in this month, getting them a piece of opal jewelry is the perfect way to capture your desires for their future. Thanks to the large variety of colors the stone comes in, you can even find some that mimic the shades of autumn.

The October birthstone, Opal is a mineraloid formed by the process of gradual natural heating of silica gel found in the cracks in rocks. It comes in two varieties, precious and common, based on the ability to produce the play-of-color effect under exposure to white light.

While not as rare as it used to be before the discovery of rich mines in Australia, its varied colors and their interaction still make opal birthstone a prized and cherished gift.

Who first comes to this world below
Under Sagittarius should know
That their true gem should ever show
A topaz
- early gems of the zodiac poem -

Finding Your Stone: Birthdays, Birth Months and Zodiac Signs

Like many natal stones, the story of the blue topaz birthstone or talisman is open to a little interpretation. Some scholars trace the origin of birthstones back to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the foundation stones of Jerusalem. In his book The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, George Frederick Kunz chronicles the biblical birthstones as they intertwine with superstitions and spiritual practices from around the world.

“In the Middle Ages these religious ideas became interwoven with a host of astrological, alchemistic, and medical superstitions,” he writes in the 1913 book. Kunz’s research links topaz with the birthstone for December in Hindu practices, and to the sign Sagittarius in astrology. “An old Spanish list of the gems of the zodiac differs from those given above and probably represents the Arab tradition,” he writes, noting that topaz was once related to Leo as well.

Today, writers like Judy Hall eschew month based birthstones altogether, and associate yellow topaz with Scorpio and blue topaz birthstones with Sagittarius. When it comes to the planetary influence of precious stones, Saturn and Mars rule the realm of topaz. And for those looking to break it down beyond natal stones, topaz is linked to talismanic uses for Sunday, Tuesday, four o’clock, and people named Thomas.

Topaz Birthstone: Communication and Self Discovery

Topaz is pyroelectric, meaning it can hold an electrical charge after being rubbed vigorously, explains Hall in her book 101 Power Crystals. It’s topaz’s natural polarization that “may be why it is so effective at recharging the aura, energizing the physical body, and motivating the psyche,” she writes.

“Topaz brings joy and abundance into your life and attunes you to the true vibrancy of your soul,” says Hall. “Natural blue topaz helps you live in accordance with your aspirations, rather than following those of other people. It lets you release lifescripts you didn’t write so you can live your truth.”

In The Book of Stones, Who They Are and What They Teach, crystal healer Naisha Ahsian defines a few more properties of the December birthstone. “Blue topaz reflects the energy of the mind and of knowledge. It opens the throat and third eye chakras, facilitating the communication of vision and knowledge to others,” she writes. “It carries the energy of the ‘fire of the mind’ stimulating one’s ability to learn and to think through complex concepts and ideas. Natural blue topaz aids in expressing one’s emotions and needs. It promotes sharing and communication, as well as learning and mental perception.”

Metaphysical author Melody links blue topaz birthstones to Sagittarius, Virgo, and the number three in her book Love is in the Earth. The connection to the throat chakra aids in clear verbal communication, she explains. “It helps one to be unburdened by arrogance and unconfined by passion, allowing one to see all things as equally important in the overall scheme of life.” Blue topaz, she writes, “assists one in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into union with the forces of the perfection of the universe.”

Turquoise Birthstone: Timelessness and Prosperity

While blue topaz may have grown in popularity in recent years, turquoise - birthstone for December of choice for earthier men and women - still holds strong. The beautifully opaque gem gets its vibrant blue green color from copper in its composition, and can range from nearly lime green, to deep teal, to robin’s egg blue.  

In her book The Anthropology of Turquoise, Ellen Meloy writes, “Turquoise was prosperity and beauty. It was the equivalent of a bulletproof vest,” conveying the importance of the gem in nomadic and ancient Indo-Iranian cultures. “Ferozah, Persian for turquoise, means ‘victorious.’ Against a threat or in battle the wearer of this stone was in no danger of being killed. Against scorpion stings and reptile bites there was no better protection,” she writes.

Meloy also emphasizes the importance of turquoise in the New World. “Turquoise, dootł' izhii, anchors a corner of the four cornered Navajo universe, it guards desert springs, it is itself water and sky.” Writing of the role of turquoise and jade in Aztec burial rituals, she references it as a stone to “supply the heart.” Meanwhile, Melody links the unisex gemstone to balancing male and female energies, and Pisces in addition to the signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

“Turquoise helps a person feel intuitively the difference between good and evil.”
- ancient Persian proverb -

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful birthday gift, or simply curious about the power and mysticism of precious gems, we hope you enjoyed our little primer on blue topaz and turquoise birthstones.  

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