Moonstone gem: a Bohemian favorite

Moonstone gem:a Bohemian favorite

Free, radical minds not succumbing to societal norms and dressed in deep notions of nature, soul, and love – these are the bohos of today. Although initially seen as a movement spearheaded by carefree women sporting lax dresses and generous smiles, modern bohemians had instilled the mindset of the first iconoclasts; to exhibit their individuality through art, literature, and alternative lifestyles.

Together with the rise of New Age, heaps of quirky to metaphysical accompaniments have been discovered to usher everyone in their spiritual journeys. Just like rosaries, tattoos, and talismans, gemstones became reminders and sources of healing and protection. One of the most celebrated gems is feted for its timeless magic.

Here’s why Moonstone is a Boho favorite:

1. Moonstone Captures the Moon’s Energies

From the outside, anyone can be awestruck with Moonstone’s adularescence; it’s the dance of light inside the gem that peaks through what seems like a thin shroud of cotton. Sometimes, its chatoyancy or “cat’s eye” is viewed as the reflection of the moon on placid water. This unique radiance is a rare phenomenon and was seen in the waxing and waning phases of the moon in ancient times.

Legends claim that the gem is named after Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon. With her illumination and feminine energies, Moonstone can bring light to the dark times of life and enhance your intuition. We are perpetually linked to the moon, and with Moonstone in your hands, you’ll be guided to trust your higher self that’ll eventually lead you to something bigger.

2. Moonstone is a Psychic Stone

Moonstone is used by shamans, monks, meditators, and mystics around the world as a stone that can aid them in focusing and connecting to the divine. It’s held as a sacred gem in India and can only be displayed outside to be sold if it’s placed on a yellow cloth – which is also a sacred color. There are stories about people who held Moonstone for the first time and saw visions that have changed their lives for the good.

Moonstone is bathed under a full moon to recharge its energies. If you want to make a wish, hold the gem in your right hand and breathe your thoughts. Declare your wish until the next full moon and wait till it comes true.

3. Moonstone is a Bohemian Jewelry

Etched in silver encasements for pendants, earrings, bracelets, and Moonstone rings, the Moonstone gem’s bluish brilliance beautifully complements the boho style. As much as it’s worn for its eccentric features, it is also used as a spiritual gem. Boho women love Moonstone as it embodies their way of life. It’s a traveler’s stone, a love stone, a prophecy gem, a talisman for enlightenment, and a piece of stunning jewelry that goes well with their clothing.

With bohemian elements such as self-expression, nurturing one’s passion, connecting with the source, going all-natural, and simply existing as a thing of delight, Moonstone appeals to the wanderers, adventurers, artists, writers, creatives, and nonconformists all over the world.

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