How to wear stackable rings

How towear stackable rings

A modern girl’s guide to finding your layering style

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, you may be wondering how to wear multiple rings and stay true to your own style. Do you wear rings on every finger, or load up several on the same one? Can you wear mixed metals or different stones at the same time? What about an office-friendly accessories game?

Wearing several rings might seem intimidating, but with a few simple tricks, you’ll be on your way to a layered jewelry look that is perfect for the occasion and perfectly you.

The Minimalist

A minimalist layering style sounds like a contradiction but trust us, a streamlined look doesn’t have to be boring. Knowing how to wear stackable rings will open you up to creative possibilities that are elegant and office worthy.

Keep it Simple with Monochromatic Metals 

Like the classic matching belt-shoes-bag set, keeping your metals all in the same color family can unify and pull together your look. For a subtle touch, add a set of simple stacking bands or a midi ring to a single finger. Vary the spacing of similar rings across multiple fingers if you’re looking to dial it up even more. Matching rings of varying textures and widths can add even more punch to a monochrome jewelry moment.

Mix Metals or Create Your Own Ombre Ring Set 

Wearing multiple rings in different metals requires a little more forethought, but with some practice, we’re sure you’ll become a pro. Learning how to wear stackable rings of different colors is fun - and it’s simply a matter of taste. Decide to follow a pattern, or throw them on in random order. Right now, we’re in love with simple stacking bands with an ombre look. Start by placing silver, rose gold, and yellow gold in order. We like to nestle rose gold in the middle of the stack, but the placement is totally up to you. If you’re working across several fingers, either keep the stacks in the same order each time, or flip the order for a flirty twist.

Wear Multiple Rings with Matching Stones 

Once you’ve made the plunge into mixing metals, you’re ready to throw some stacking rings with stones in the mix. Resist your urge to gasp, dear minimalist. Everything will be fine. Working with several stones of the same color with help keep the look grounded. If you’re feeling brave, pair up simple stacking bands with gemstone rings that feature the same stone in different cuts. It will still look clean and put together, but consider yourself warned - it’s kind of a gateway drug.

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The Maximalist

So you’ve practiced how to wear stackable rings and metals of many colors, and your minimalist status is coming into question? Don’t sweat it. Just give in and enjoy the magical ride. You’re about to enter mix and match heaven.

Start Playing with Geometry 

Pay homage to your minimalist roots with a geometric ring set. Metal and stone colors are up to you, but try to play with sizes and shapes. Put a beautifully faceted emerald cut ring next to a small circular stone, or frame a pear-shaped ring with a stacking band that follows its contours perfectly. Open front rings also provide plenty of opportunity to play with negative space and knuckle to knuckle combinations.

Take a Curated Approach

Even when you’ve worked out how to wear multiple rings at once, it’s never a bad idea to take a curated approach. Pile on pieces that have similar tones, shapes, or themes to make sense of the madness. Try wearing pieces that are inspired by your favorite season, design era, or the night sky. Wear stacking bands that emphasize your skin tone, or go with a set of rings that offers the most contrast.

Join the Maximalist Movement 

Well, dear minimalist, it appears you’ve come to the dark side. Welcome. You’re going to like it here. By taking what you’ve learned about how to wear multiple rings and bringing in your own dash of fortune teller chic, you’re ready to embrace the maximalist jewelry trend full-on. Go wild! Throw on pieces that are new and old. Mix modern moonstone and vintage turquoise. Highlight Grandma’s heirloom ring with a contemporary studded stacking band. If you’re worried about going overboard at work, you can always save your wildest looks for the weekend. Most importantly, however, remember to experiment and have fun. Happy stacking!

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