The Traveler’s Stone: Moonstone for Spiritual Backpackers

The Traveler’s Stone: Moonstone for Spiritual Backpackers

Tolkien immortalized “Not all those who wander are lost”, but since “Eat Pray Love” revived the message, it has metamorphosed into a spiritual butterfly that travelers look up to when they’re in need of meaning. Some travel for leisure and escape, while some explore for a sense of adventure; and that kind of high ultimately leads to finding one’s self.

As cliché as it may sound, “finding yourself” is a backpacker’s jumpstart - aside from meeting different faces and roaming the globe, of course. Getting lost to find yourself, hone yourself, and let go of yourself is the universal fuel of wanderlusts. And every voyager has an arsenal of spark to keep them going. From mountains and ashrams to riotous cities and beaches, spiritual backpackers arm themselves with guidance and protection not just from their outdoor knacks, but also from gemstones that hold incredible energy.

Moonstone - The Traveler’s Stone

There’s one gem specifically gifted for pathfinders. Moonstone has been etched in legends as the Traveler’s Stone. It’s not just a name, but it is indeed powered by the moon. With its mesmerizing play of light that exhibits a pearly, bluish iridescence, it has truly captured the majesty of the lunar cycle. Moonstone protects those who travel by night or upon the water.

In ancient times, the gem was used as illumination. Now, it illuminates dark pathways of life in general. Moonstone possesses uplifting energy of hope that it has long been worn by travelers as a talisman to elevate their spirits and protect them. Aside from wearing the beautiful gem, you may place one in the glove compartment for smooth driving and to help prevent road rage. It may also be carried in the pocket or worn as a piece of jewelry to bring good fortune.

Moonstone – A Healing Gem

It may be dubbed as a Traveler’s Stone, but it’s deeper than you can imagine. Moonstone is also a great psychic gem. It puts all the different energies within our biological and spiritual psyche in place. With its balancing powers, the wearer doesn’t embrace nor escape the emotion, but rely on the Higher Will. And since it can tell which emotional patterns had become negative habits, it can also collect such thoughts and switch it up with a centered course. This can be achieved by placing the Moonstone gem at your Moon Center or the middle of the chin.

Moonstone in jewelry, or raw gem form, when held wherever you are, will give you a flash of love that can give you sudden joy and appreciation to all things. Emerging from the powers of the moon, the feminine energies in Moonstone can enhance your intuition. It is mostly used by women to boost their kundalini efficacy, and by men; to bring a balance to their emotional and rational sides.

Moonstone is a stellar gem that you can wear for protection, healing, and guidance. Spiritual backpackers are strong and free, but with a little help from Moonstone, you aren’t just watched over by Mother Moon - you’ll be carrying a piece of her beauty.

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