Moonstone Rituals for every moon child

Moonstone rituals for every moon child

We are naturally drawn to the moon. But there are ones who seem to possess a stronger link. If you’re in love with the moon and its energies, then you’re definitely a moon child. You’re wise, laidback, and intimate. You watch the world unravel before your eyes and you simply listen.

With the Moonstone gem to guide you, you can have better balance and shaper introspection. Moonstone is used as a traveler’s stone, a cleansing stone, and a gem to aid in focus and awareness. It’s been used for thousands of years to enhance psychic powers, and is used in Wiccan ceremonies until today. Here are simple Moonstone rituals you can perform:

Moonstone for Prophecy

This ritual can be created at least three days after the full moon. To be able to affirm future events, hold the Moonstone while visualizing a possible scenario, such as getting promoted or investing in something. Place the gem under your tongue and visualize again. Then remove the stone and stop visualizing. If your thoughts linger around the situation, then it’s a probable one.

If you start thinking about other matters, then you might wanna consider not pursuing the act.

Moonstone for Cleansing

A full moon bath can cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. As you wash the dirt away, you’ll also be cleansing the negative energies you have accumulated and be in sync with the moon’s feminine energy. Experience a solemn moon bath by including moonstones and Himalayan salt in the water. The full moon is the perfect time to release and let go. Moonstone will purify your thoughts and emotions, while Himalayan salt will release toxins and add minerals in your body at the same time. Add candles, fragrant oils, and sip on an herbal tea for a sacred moment.

If you’re at the beach or lake, why not take a dip under the full moon? Or do a bath just for your hands instead. Put the Moonstone gem in a bowl of water and gently massage your hands to cleanse.

Moonstone for New Beginnings

We may not be able to re-do the past, but we can look forward to new beginnings. With this Moonstone ritual, you can change something in your life and move on. During a full moon, go outside with the Moonstone in your hand. Close your eyes and think of the things you want to change, then say, "Mother Moon, take these trials away from me." Utter this every night by your window until the new moon comes. On that night, go to a roadside far from your home and bury the gem. Leave without looking back knowing that part of your life will never come back.

Moonstone’s powers are in full spectrum on a full moon. Whatever ritual you choose, the most important thing is to throw your inhibitions away and be genuine. Know that the moon is infinitely nestled inside us and these Moonstone rituals will only boost the innate powers of the children of the moon.

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